CFO PARTNER for SOX 404 and
NI 52-109

The fast and efficient approach to achieving effective financial controls and disclosures.

Rapidly define and maintain financial control documentation

Dramatically reduce the cost of mananging and maintaining your controls infrastructure and supporting documentation.

Automatically generate Visio® flowcharts and supporting documentation

Eliminate duplicate data entry and reduce compliance maintenance.

Leverage extensive controls and testing content of CFO PARTNER

Review and customize best practices. Track test results. Create remediation plans.

Provide Graphical Reports and more to Management and the Audit Committee

Reports help to focus on critical issues and control status. Modify report formats to suit your needs.

Rapidly Deploy your Internal Control Processes

Create a compliance intranet to improve control and reduce the costs.

Financial Compliance Solutions – SOX 404 and NI 52-109

If your company is listed on U.S. capital markets (SOX 404) or Canadian capital markets (NI 52-109) then you are required to have your CEO and CFO certify as to accuracy of your company’s financial statements as well as the effectiveness of your financial and disclosure controls. In today’s economic environment you need a partner in compliance that can save your time and your company’s capital. You need CFO PARTNER.

A Total Approach from “Start to Certification and Ongoing Sustainment”
The CFO PARTNER software product for both SOX 404 and NI 52-109 compliance provides your organization with a COSO-based, step-by-step approach, incorporating a wide variety of controls content, testing procedural tools, and special compliance built functionality in an easy-to-use and affordable software product that you install on your system.








A Proven Solution Recommended by CFOs and Audit Committees
CFO PARTNER is proven and is the successor product to early market leading compliance solutions, COMPLIANCE PLAYBOOK for SOX 404 and COMPLIANCE PARTNER® for NI 52-109. CFO PARTNER comes highly recommended by CFOs and Audit Committee members as the leading solution for mid-size to emerging companies to meet the requirements of either NI 52-109 or SOX 404. It provides a solid and proven framework that reduces compliance costs and risk.

Meet Initial Requirements & Provide A Sustainable Foundation  
CFO PARTNER provides an integrated platform to reduce the cost of controls design, documentation and testing. Customers report one year cost savings of as much as 50%, and further cost reductions of up to 65% in year two and beyond. The product allows you to manage your internal time requirements more effectively while reducing the need for expensive external resources or large-scale software projects.

Top-Down Risk Based Approach Utilizing the COSO Framework
Streamline your control design and testing activities by using our top-down risk based scoping tools to identify risk both quantitatively and qualitatively. Provide presentation quality output to your CFO and audit committee.

Expertise Built Into Financial Control and Disclosure Templates That Can Be Customized
We have spent over seven years developing hundreds of best practice templates covering the design and testing of entity-level controls (such as audit committee effectiveness, tone-at-the-top leadership, etc), process-level controls (such as revenue, disbursements, IT controls, etc), as well as disclosure controls and procedures. Modify the content to suit your business environment. Quickly integrate and import your existing control documentation and testing results to provide a complete platform to manage and rapidly deploy your control infrastructure. If your organization is making the transition to IFRS we have also developed appropriate transition controls to help you address transition reporting risk while you are providing GAAP vs. IFRS comparative financial results to your stakeholders.

Design and Document Controls – For Both GAAP and IFRS  
Most organizations use a mixture of Excel®, Word®, Visio® and other tools to manage their SOX 404 and NI 52-109 documentation. The result is costly maintenance and incomplete and neglected documentation that undermines your control infrastructure and the CEO/CFO certification. CFO PARTNER provides an integrated means to rapidly design and document controls with control narratives, attributes, financial statement assertions, risks and more. As your organization changes it is simple to make and deploy the updated information and to keep your control structure valid. Immediately send out reports or automatically create Visio® flowcharts to highlight control and segregation of duties issues.

Test Controls and Remediate Deficiencies – For Both GAAP and IFRS
CFO PARTNEROnly CFO PARTNER provides you with a comprehensive set of testing templates for both GAAP and IFRS across all key financial controls processes including IT controls. Use the product to develop an effective testing strategy and supporting procedures and then create field ready documentation to undertaking the evaluation of the required controls. Report testing results and identify control deficiencies. Develop and implement remediation plans. Report to your Audit Committee. CFO PARTNER makes the tough work easier.

Customizable Reporting and Graphical Analysis
Extensive, customizable reporting is available throughout CFO PARTNER and comes complete with many Standard Report varieties and formats. If you need reporting for the CFO, Steering Committee, External Auditor, or for your Project Team, the product handles your reporting needs.

Industry-Specific Editions for Mining, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing and More
Why settle for generic controls products when you can have an edition of  CFO PARTNER that is geared to your industry’s issues and financial control characteristics?  Whether you are in Mining, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Technology, BioPharma, or General Industry we speak the language of your sector. Oh, speaking of languages we can also provide you with language sets in French, Portuguese, Spanish and more. Business is international. So is CFO PARTNER.

Easy-To-Use and Minimal I.T. Investment
CFO PARTNER reduces your I.T. costs and leverages your existing I.T. infrastructure with tight integration to Microsoft Office®. Link your existing documents and systems to the product without having to add new infrastructure. 

Compliance Intranet (Optional)
Deploy best practices and internal controls and disclosure controls documentation across your own "Compliance Intranet" with the push of a button. This provides intuitive navigation for users and also allows for scalability across multiple business units from a central location.

Training, Support and Maintenance
You can choose from various Training (on-site or web-based training) and support options that vary from lean to extensive. It's your choice. Your annual maintenance and support program provides for software feature updates, new functionality, best practice controls content updates, and visibility on legislative requirements.

Consulting – Documentation and Testing Services (Optional)
CFO PARTNER has been designed to help you significantly streamline the need to utilize expensive and scarce expert resources. If you need additional assistance the Issues Central team is available to help.

Data Migration and Competitive Upgrades
If you are looking to move your existing controls infrastructure into CFO PARTNER we can provide you with a straightforward data migration approach. Tired of your existing controls solution provider, why not upgrade to CFO PARTNER? Contact us about our various competitive upgrade options.

Affordable and Rapid-To-Deploy
Customer after customer attests to the superior value that CFO PARTNER provides compared to competing compliance alternatives. Please go to our References tab to read more. The even better news is that your firm can be up and running in one day to give you a head start.

Get the partner you need - CFO PARTNER. Find out more.
So, isn't it time to reduce cost and effort required to address NI 52-109 and SOX 404 compliance? It's time for CFO PARTNER.

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