Products and Brands

Issues Central, Inc. (ICI) provides CFOs and Audit Committees with industry-leading solutions to solve and manage important issues in the following areas:

GAAP-to-IFRS Transition Tools
ICI introduced the industry’s first end-to-end GAAP-to-IFRS transition tools and financial reporting system, IFRS PARTNER, in 2008. The product aids a customer in the analysis of local GAAP-to-IFRS differences; drafting of IFRS policies and IFRS 1 election considerations; impact assessment with management and audit committee reporting; and, finally the development of IFRS compliant financial statements with disclosures. The initial version of IFRS PARTNER rapidly became the market leader in the Canadian market which is moving to IFRS in 2011. In 2010 new versions will be released for the U.S. market as well as for India.

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IPSAS Conversion
The global, leading software solution to assist Governments in the conversion to IPSAS

IPSAS PARTNER is the leading solution worldwide to help Governments and International Organizations move to IPSAS. IPSAS PARTNER is designed to reduce the cost, time and risk associated with making the transition to IPSAS and then to provide ongoing IPSAS compliant financial reporting.

IPSAS PARTNER is a comprehensive, step-by-step product approach, with supporting services, to help you coordinate the change to IPSAS in manageable phases.

The IPSAS PARTNER methodology is as follows:

  • Phase 1 – Capacity Building and Training Workshops
  • Phase 2 - Preliminary Plan and Scoping
  • Phase 3 - Detailed Assessment, Conversion Planning and Development
  • Phase 4 - Implementation and Parallel Reporting
  • Phase 5 - Live IPSAS Operating Processes, Ongoing Monitoring, New Standards Changes

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Financial and Regulatory Reporting
In 2010 ICI introduced the Financial Statements and Notes Manager product to aid CFOs and their finance departments in the creation and management of financial reporting documentation to support quarterly and annual filings. In the Canadian market the Financial Statements and Notes Manager provides the only integrated reporting solution to that integrates IFRS disclosures and notes along with the management of IFRS compliant financial statements. The U.S. version of the product will provide users with in-line GAAP disclosures and notes plus the ability to move to IFRS reporting as required.

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Financial Compliance Solutions
In 2003 ICI introduced its first product – the COMPLIANCE PLAYBOOK® for SOX 404 to address the need for U.S. filers to meeting the internal control over financial reporting and disclosure control requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. Later versions of the product were introduced into the Canadian market under the COMPLIANCE PARTNER® brand in conjunction with the Carswell division of Thomson Reuters. In 2010 ICI introduced its next generation financial compliance product, CFO PARTNER for SOX 404 and NI 52-109, complete with controls and testing libraries applicable to both GAAP and IFRS accounting environments and coupled with strong management and audit committee reporting.

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Board and Governance Solutions
ICI has developed niche products to facilitate enhanced Executive Compensation Disclosure as well as Investment Fund Governance tools. These products combine specialty subject matter expertise with easy-to-use technology and strong management reporting.

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